We’re very glad we made this decision and recommend it strongly. When we were pulling an 9,000 lbs 5th wheel, it performed flawlessly. Well worth the money, and with the added bonus of keeping our Goose-neck hitch for our Hay trailer. Are you tired of reaching over the side of your truck and crawling into the bed to hookup your safety chains?

Haul anything from sand and aggregate to scrap and building materials. Various lengths, capacities, axles, hydraulic upgrades, and other options. Customizable to fit your needs, including PJ Ready Rail® with many accessories.

Above the truck bed, a gooseneck hitch consists merely of a gooseneck ball and safety chain anchors. Many models also feature a removable or folding ball that is comparatively lightweight and easy to operate. I chose it because it what is recommended for use on my new flatbed for my truck. The flatbed is designed with this hitch in mind. It fits perfectly in the gooseneck well and is easy to install/remove. Just tighten/loosen the tension bolt and slide the locking pin to switch from gooseneck ball to 5th wheel.


It is important that you don’t create more than a 1/16” gap between the 5th wheel skid plate and trailer skid plate, as this can cause damage to the hitch and trailer. The 5th wheel head should be 1/2″ higher than the king pin box. For hooking up a receiver hitch connection, check out our standard trailer hookup guide.

Our customization process offers top-to-bottom personalization. Choose your tires, axles, brakes, bed dimensions and other features for a truly unique trailer. Enjoy either a gooseneck or fifth wheel hitch design for convenient hauling and heavy-duty pulling power. The bumper ball style can be used on a variety of vehicles including cars but the gooseneck requires a pick up truck. For the gooseneck, there is a small plate that is attached above or below the pickup truck bed and it uses a ball and coupler to make the towing connection.

The guys at the RV dealership were really impressed with this hitch and now recommend this to anyone wanting to switch to goose neck hitch. Absorbs every bump without transferring to toe vehicle. You can see the trailer and hitch moving but don’t feel it. Extremely happy I purchased this rather than the 5th wheel setup for factory towing prep. I think this is well worth the couple hundred extra and not have to deal with that in the bed. This product is designed to go into the exact mount that was already installed for the gooseneck.

How to convert 5th wheel to gooseneck

Thanks to the dynamic aluminum design, our trailers last longer with less maintenance than the competition. Aluminum is lighter than steel and doesn’t suffer from oxidation and rust like steel. Enjoy low-maintenance trailer designs that can outlast your pull vehicle. Overall, the gooseneck hitches seem to be superior to the 5th wheel version. They have the towing capacity prowess, the short turning radius and the versatility you may need. This is actually a difficult question to answer because gooseneck hitches are for commercial use only.

5th wheel hitches also come in a wider variety of weight capacity options, as well as slider options. 5th wheel sliders / rollers are designed to allow short-bed trucks to tow without obstruction blued.com phone when turning. To install a gooseneck hitch, sometimes a few modifications need to made to the truck. Most notably, a hole typically needs to be drilled through the center of the truck bed.

Tools for the job generally include those already found lying around the garage, with various drills, saws and wrenches topping the list. Expect to do lots of measuring during the installation; you want to make sure everything is properly aligned. Also, don’t forget to make certain you’re not damaging any key components of the truck while you’re getting everything into place. If you aren’t sure about the process, you can always call up a professional to get the job done. Depending on the model, gooseneck hitches generally cost a couple hundred dollars and an installation kit may or may not be included in that price.

Other than that is has not cracked, rusted or bent since I’ve owned it. I live is the high desert so it does not see much rain or snow. I didn’t receive it for 10 days due to weather delay.

I also noticed etrailer scrubbed all their reviews and photos showing this sitting in the bed of a regular pickup and has since changed the description for only for flatbeds. I applaud them for doing this, just wish they’d done it before I bought mine. So if you have a flatbed, this is a great hitch. If you’re thinking of putting it in the bed of a pickup, then get the RP3500 version of this hitch instead.

The gooseneck on the other hand, can haul about 30,000 pounds regularly. On top of that, it has a flat, plate as the hitch which can be customized to fit your trailer. This hitch looks like a horseshoe and comes with two levers to help unhook the trailer when you have reached your destination and stabilized the trailer. Choose a point on the map, hit the road and let CURT take care of the rest. Our tested, proven products let you make the most of your weekend camping trip or week-long, cross-country trek. Grab that mountain bike and hit the trails or hop onto that road bike for the ultimate adventure.

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